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Ada Mela

Founder - Senior Partner - Architect

Ada Mela was born in Athens, Greece, in March 1984.

As an alumni of Hellenic-German Schools (Erasmeios Hellenic-German School and Ellinogermaniki Agogi), she succeeded in the Architectural School of Patras, where she graduated from, with the Bachelor title of Architecture-Engineering (2001-2006).

Immediately she started working for several architectural companies, while at the same time set off her own freelance business office, in 2007.

The projects engaged ever since include mainly residencies, business stores, health regulated establishments, hotels, interior design of ships and private yachts, interior design, garden design, furniture design and lightning studies.

Our main philosophy in Made Architecture puts functionality and aesthetics first; as such, we take over projects from scratch right to the end, aiming only for the best outcome. We collaborate with an experienced crew of technicians and excellent suppliers, plus we also offer the service of empirical evaluation of your premises.

Consistency and adjustment to the customers' needs is definitely our main characteristic, without losing, though, our focus on our deep rooted values, thus combining magnificent aesthetics and infallibly functionality in our projects.

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