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About us, about made

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We are a creative studio based in Athens

With over 15 years of separate course and experience, in 2019 Ada Mela and Gelly Dikarou joined in perfect timing forces, talents and strengths (Architecture & Interior Design) and decided to give life to their common passion: The good design

Good Design / Functional Architecture isn't luxury but a necessity

Because the constructions internally and externally express the way we want to live, Made Architects combine science, art and the well-known, tangible materials, at the same time our creations always elevate the 4 situations of our daily life: living, leisure, working and shopping.

Architecture, Interior/Exterior Design, Furniture

We undertake projects from scratch to full completion. We move with the same fervor from the big to the small and from the detail to the whole; from the interior to the exterior and from the furniture to the building. We innovate with our ideas, we commit with our design, and we stand out with our implementation.

Creating Architecture and Design is more than aesthetics

We are inspired by the past, the present and the future, giving real substance to the dreams of the people who trust us. Our extensive experience in project management guarantees the smooth progress of each project. We sparingly utilize all available resources, materials and intangibles and make sure all our projects evoke a sense of natural luxury.

Spatial Quality - Quality of space​

Our creations are characterized by consistency and ethos. We want every project, of any scale, to speak for itself; with its strong identity to upgrade, enrich and take off our customer experience without losing its sustainable, social and functional side.

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Ada Mela
Founder - Senior Partner

Architect Engineer MSc

mob: +30 697.43 20 323


The People

Who Make it Happen.

Gelly Dikarou c.jpg
Gelly Dikarou
Founder - Senior Partner

Stylist \ Designer

mob: +30 697.27 21 048


Successful Partnerships

Individually, and collectively as well under “Made Architects”, we focus on stable collaborations with experienced professionals and renowned brands that enrich and expand the range of our work and capabilities.

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