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Gelly Dikarou

Founder - Senior Partner

Gelly Dikarou was born in Athens in 1983.

As an alumni of Homer Lyceum in Nea Smyrni, she succeeded in the Geological School of Patras University, where she graduated from in 2006.

Following the completion of her BSc, Gelly continued her postgraduate studies, gaining an MSc in “Environmental and Infrastructures’ Project Studies” at the University. A further quest for widening her academic horizons though did not keep her still, thus continuing to the attainment in 2017 of a PhD.

From an early age she loved outdoor fields and was at the center of geological processes that make Earth a perpetual machine of creation. The capacity that characterizes our planet is reflected in the diversity of structures and materials found on the surface, soil and subsoil which in turn are the source of any material construction.

Through research and friction with the object, Gelly loved each material separately, understanding in depth its properties, structure and uniqueness. Then she decided to combine her knowledge of materials and raw materials with design.

She then dealt with the architectural composition and the art of decoration, which are inextricably linked to materials and their properties, leading to an even deeper experience of their durability and behavior.

Through ecological architecture and sustainable design, Gelly’s and Made Architecture’s common goal is the production of a top aesthetic result based on respect for the natural environment and saving natural resources.

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