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Baby Dino Room

Baby Dino Room – Bathroom renovation, Faliro, Greece
Nursery & Bathroom - Design & Furnishing - Construction

October 2019


-MAKE NEW FRIENDS, BUT KEEP THE OLD; THOSE ARE SILVER, THESE ARE GOLD! Byron and Ersi are a couple, first and foremost our friends. Our cooperation lasts for many years and our friendship even more. The experience of working for friends is not something new for us. While expecting their first child, they trusted MADE Architects, letting us dream again as children. There lies the beauty when undertaking a child's room design study. Each one becomes for us a small magical world.

-We came to the conclusion that the basic concept upon replenishing the room would be a beautiful dinosaur, strong, brave, and most of all, benevolent. An interactive room was thus created, in which an infant - toddler - child, would be filled with stimuli and images. The colors chosen are white and blue and combined with wooden elements from natural oak. The curtains are airy, the wallpaper is discreet, pillows and decorations are chosen with love and harmony. Illuminated shelves - houses, hanging stars and a big bright star beautify the days and illuminate the nights of any child, young or old, in this impressive space!

-The arrival of the first child, however, created other needs and the second bathroom was one of them. The existing WC that until then served guests' needs guests was transformed into a luxurious bathroom with walk-in shower, atmospheric lighting, new sanitary ware and smart utilization of all spaces for storage of personal items and small items.

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