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Lithi Luxury Retreat, Santorini, Greece
Premium Hotel - Architectural & Interior Design - Construction

April 2021

-The inspiration

At the beginning of 2018 we faced for the first time the piece of land where the project would take place; we only felt peace and tranquility with all our senses. In this utter “travel of senses”, while gazing at the sea and the incredible games of the sun, time stopped and all that existed was the self-determination of our existence. We made this feeling a need and we expressed it through a hospitable place, a shelter, where the visitor can enjoy the peace, the serenity but mainly the "emptying" of the mind, the oblivion.

The right to oblivion is the ability to reconstruct one's identity and personality, without dynamizing this process from one's past. And what’s better for the traveler on the island than be forgotten for a while or for a long time and be left in the relaxation and carefreeness that our accommodation generously offers him?

-The Resort
Lithi Retreat Resort in Imerovigli, Santorini, extends on a slope of 6,5 acres with east orientation and unrestricted view of the enchanting Aegean Sea. Just a 10-minute drive from Santorini International Airport and a 5-minute one from Fira, it is an ideal destination for all guests looking for moments of relaxation in a very welcoming environment of luxurious accommodation. In the five stone-made cave buildings benefiting from the natural slope of the plot, one finds the nine amphitheatrically-located independent houses, with each one having an unobstructed sea view, while at the same time preserving the privacy of their visitors.

The complex is perfectly harmonized with the natural environment. Nature itself guided the choice of materials and colors that dominate our construction. Based on the geographical position and the character of the island, as well as its influences from the periods of antiquity, MADE Architects kept the original feeling and image of the place.

The local black stone is used outdoors. The surfaces are rough and the textures "thoroughly" raw, symbolizing the remote and uneven surfaces of the rocks that dominate this land. The water element is present in all the yards of the houses, with the swimming pools and the built Jacuzzi. The colors that prevail in the houses, the furniture and the fabrics are earthy, while the decorations that have been chosen are mainly ceramic, inspired by the Classical period, with elements of linear and black-figure ceramics. All of the above are in line with the aesthetic balance of the accommodation, which represents essentially an abstract approach to the traditional architecture of the place.

Lithi Luxury Retreat is designed upon the principles of bioclimatic and energy efficient architecture. The houses are harmoniously integrated in the outdoor environment, with adequate natural light and ventilation, sometimes with the use of internal courtyards and other times with the full development of the house on the facade of the building. The roofs are covered with the same preexisting-on-the-plot plants, thus preserving the smooth natural continuity of the landscape.

Our environmental responsibility continues in the operation of the accommodation, with the use of environmentally friendly products, 100% recyclable and natural organic materials. Another effort to achieve sustainability is urging tenants to opt for "non-daily change" of towels and bed linen. In addition, it is important for us to avoid the use of plastic, reduce waste and separate it with recycling and composting programs, minimize overall waste and save water.

To sum up, our respect to the land and its generously offered fruits led us to endorse that Lithi Luxury Resort give its guests the opportunity, according to their taste preferences, to enjoy a predominantly Cycladic breakfast; a generous breakfast, with pure local organic products and traditional dishes of Santorini, served in the privacy of their suite. Flavors and aromas of traditional Greek gastronomy and the Mediterranean diet, whose memory travels us sweetly back in time, highlighting the culture and heritage of the island, in another move to redefine tradition through a modern look.

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