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Methimon, Penteli, Greece
Bookstore Architectural & Interior Design - Construction

March 2021

-At the end of 2020, in the midst of lockdown and difficult times, MADE Architects® were offered the full restoration of Penteli's unique, characteristic and famous bookstore "methimon", owned by Despina. The offer set fire to our thoughts immediately.

-The new space, although smaller than the previous one, could tell its own story. We were therefore led to the idea of building a bookstore, with elements from earlier times.

The characteristic ironing of the façade remained. Dark blue was chosen as the predominant color reminding of the old school notebooks. Wooden bookcases stand from floor to ceiling and the choice of a wooden pedestal is ideal for limited audience presentations. One can quickly read at the reading station in front, before finding the large imposing abstract tree in the center, painted in tile color.

Of particular interest is the children's corner with the small houses.


-Vinyl, one of the generally new materials was chosen for the flooring; however, and despite that, the design exudes a sweet nostalgia. Special attention was paid to lighting.

Powerful floodlights have been used to illuminate properly from great heights, while hanging linear luminaires create bright product zones, along with decorative pendants (pendant opaline bulb) hung with ropes.


-A characteristic point is the central white rotunda with the handmade black chandelier above. Properly exploiting the height and all possible projection points was the big bet from the start.

The second and most important was the creation of a characteristic space, which represents the special form of its owner, Despina, who has given all these years her personal stamp on the special and tastefully selected books and gifts.

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