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Suelto Espresso Bar, Ilion, Greece
Espresso Bar - Architectural & Interior Design - Construction

August 2019


-Ilion… An Athenian western suburb known little for the beauty its neighborhoods keep well hidden. Somewhere there, George K. and George M. had developed their own coffee business, choosing MADE Architects® to replenish the existing construction and renew it deeply.

-Design study: Through a lot of discussion about the needs, challenges and requirements of the shop of the two successful entrepreneurs, the idea was born; shortly afterwards took shape with hard team work. The plans have been many but the goal one - the best result for a fresh, modern coffeeshop summed up to an unforgettable experience every minute each customer spends within…


-Construction: To start with, a beautiful coffeeshop is the one with a its basic element at the center of it, a nice bar! So, we changed the layout and orientation of the bar improving its ergonomics and added minimal linear decorative elements to highlight it.

-Workshops chosen by the customer offered a perfect collaboration, while the application of modern materials and colors transformed the space attaching to it a strong and dynamic identity. The 4-meter-high interior required special lighting interventions, something unachievable without AXTIDA - our first thought – that concluded the total concept in our minds.


-Lighting: AXTIDA - Flooring: PΑRKELLAS

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