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Timeless elegance, Glyfada, Greece
Apartment - Architectural & Interior Design - Construction


-Our beloved miss Tamima and her son Tarek, have decided to give a new breath to their family home. Two separate apartments on the 3rd floor of a cozy building in Glyfada Golf have been united to create a spacious apartment bathed in warm Mediterranean's sunlight.


The fundamental characteristic of this renovation project was family's love for earthy colors and the need for having an open space created. Three large bedrooms were made to host up to 6 persons, all with their own hygiene amenities. The living room with direct access to the balconies, leads you straight to the fully renovated dining room and the earthy-colored-dominant kitchen with the up-to-date electrical appliances.


The practical design is completed with modern furnishing and lighting concept while at the same time, the guest enjoys a fascinating view on the large balconies and the outdoor lounge.

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