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Traditional House, Gythio, Greece
Villa - Interior Design & Furnishing - Construction

June 2020

-We arrived in Gythio on a hot May afternoon. The renovation work on the house was nearing completion. The house is spread over three levels. On the upper-level living room, kitchen and a large terrace have the most beautiful view of the port of Gythio. The middle-level part of the first building houses the bedrooms and the lower level is an independent guest house with living room, kitchen and bedroom. This shelter from everyday life and routine, perched and amphitheatrically built on the slope, with beautifully planted flower beds and special corners under the trees, was one step before it became a complete oasis for its owners; And here MADE Architects® came in!

-As MADE Architects®, we were happily invited to take care of the decoration, the furniture and the equipment of all the spaces, in order for the house to become a living space. The two of us together with the family made harmonious and careful choices in each room of the house. The new furniture matched the old one, while at the same time lamps, carpets, decorative elements and even kitchen equipment were the ideal match for a renovated stone house in a traditional style. The experience was completed with special bedding and clothing that make family stay even more enjoyable.


-Strong environment elements such as the visible rock inside the house, the incomparable view and the three levels of the structure set the bar. We had to exceed family expectations. We did our best and completed the project at the agreed times, strictly following the correct sequence of tasks: Capturing the spaces, presenting the proposals, pricing the project, ordering of the materials, furniture, objects and finally coordinating the optimal placement of all of them in space!

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